Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Birthday Dinner and A Couple of Baptisms

In case you don't know, my birthday is August 15th.  Yay, me!  My first cousin and I were born only eight days apart a few years ago and throughout the years, we have celebrated many a birthday together.  This year is no different.  We chose this weekend to basically throw our own party! 
Aren't we a couple of great looking 33-yr-olds?  Stephanie (Aug 7th) and me (Aug 15th)

By the way and while I'm thinking about it, Stephanie does not read my blog!  She doesn't get into the computer very much and when she is computing, it's mostly for work, not leisure.  I told her last night I could say whatever I wanted about her and she'd never know!  So I'll just rub it in that she's the older one.  Ha!

We invited some of our closest friends out to a yummy, upscale Tex-Mex restaurant.  That can only mean one thing: Pomegranate Margarita?  Yes, please!

Dinner was great.  There were about 15 people at the table.  So of "my" guests (we invited people from both our joint and separate circles) included the following:
sweet sister-from-another-mother Kylee, me, and SIL Kristy
My hot date!  This is actually a good picture despite his hating to be photographed!
The Morris kids spent the night with their Mimi and Rocky, so this morning Bobby and I took advantage of being childless by going back-to-school shopping for Rob.  That boy racked up, too!  It was our state's tax-free holiday weekend and to further lure in customers, many stores had additional sales.

This afternoon we attended the baptism of two very special siblings, Madison and Maddox.  Bobby was named their Godfather, so he had to participate in the ceremony. 
You wouldn't know it from Bobby's face, but this is a very happy occasion.
We are Roman Catholic, as is the children's father, Matt.  In the Catholic tradition, babies are usually baptized very young.  Just as all Christians believe, that one baptism is enough to completely forgive a person of original sin.  However, since you are being baptized due to your parents' decision, you also get to participate in a Rite of Holy Confirmation later in life.  That is when you as an "adult" in the church -- though in some parishes this age is around 13 -- confirm and renew your baptismal promises to lead a Christian life.

Madison wasn't baptized as an infant.  Her mom, Sheila, isn't Catholic and she wasn't sure she wanted to do this for Madison.  Over the past four years, and nowt hat there is baby Maddox, Sheila and Matt agreed to baptize their younger children.  Older half-brother Miles was baptized as a baby and I am his proud Godmother.  Here are some images from today's double ceremony:
Maddox Gage
Madison Ann

This was the best I could get the kids to do for a family shot.  After this we went to an early dinner, and now we're at home enjoying a quiet Saturday night.  I hope your weekend is going as well as you have planned.

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