Friday, September 3, 2010

Caroline Is 9 Months Old!

Weight: 18 lbs
Length: 27 1/4"

Sleeping Patterns: You go to bed about 7:30 PM. You still lose your pappy at night a lot and Mommy goes in to replace it and re-snuggle you up in your blanket.  Hmm, how long will this pattern last? But are for the most part such a good sleeper!
Eating Habits: You still like your first-morning bottle.  You will eat a jar of baby food and wash it down with a small bottle mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  You usually take another large and another small bottle (dinner time and bed time).
New Discoveries & Accomplishments: You "walk" around everything you can -- the coffee table, from the sofa to the recliner, etc.  You also have learned to climb the stairs -- more on that in a minute.  Your biggest accomplishment this month seems to have been your loss of fear.  You babble so much, too.  Are you going to be a storyteller like Mommy?
Places You Love: It would be easier to list the places you don't love: excersaucer, carseat, stroller, swing.  You are on the go, little girl!  Since you learned to crawl, you have gone and gone and gone.  Mommy even caught you halfway up the stairs in a matter of seconds!  Up went the baby gate right away!
Special Friends: You played very well this month with Whitney.  She took good care of you as someone 3 1/2 yrs older would do.  You will be one tough little girl, too!  As you and your brother continue bonding, he is getting rough with you, but you just laugh and seem not to care at all!  What will we do?
Current Events: The US Senate votes 63 to 37 to confirm President Obama's most recent nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Elena Kagan -- only the 4th female ever, as the newest Justice (Aug 5).  Seven years after the war in Iraq began, President Obama announces the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom with a withdrawal of combat troops (Aug 31).

What We Did This Day: Your big brother started Pre-K today.  We got up and helped him off to school.  You and I took him and dropped him off.  While he was at school, we went to Nonna's house.

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  1. And her mommy is a storyteller. :) So precious!