Saturday, September 25, 2010

Have A Seat!

Getting creative here, folks...hang on to your hats.  So what is the one thing that almost every entertainer needs more of?  Okay, besides more wine?  Yep, additional seating!

Ever since the creation of Bobby's Man Cave our covered back porch, we entertain a lot at our house.  Now, don't get me wrong, people.  We don't have elaborate state dinners.  Our friends and family know we have a come-as-you-are attitude.  Now that it is football season and the weather is thinking about cooling off, we will be outside a lot more frequently.

So I knew when I saw this guy and his twin at a garage sale recently he was coming home with me!
Wait, you mean you don't love the weathered-woven-seat-and beat-up-paint look they came with?  Neither did I, so here goes a transformation!  First step: paint.  My chairs were introduced to their very own Little Black Dress. 
(The seats popped right out by unscrewing them from underneath.)
By the way, this was also a sure fire way to get my dear husband to mow our grass! HaHaHaHa.

Once inside and away from the grass-police fussing at me (the grass was really long -- it needed to be cut), I got out my friend the staple gun and got to recovering.  Now, I could have been fancy and added some extra cushion, but hey, these are going outside.  I just wanted a place for my friends' booties to land.
I screwed the seats back to the chairs and with no further ADO, I present my new seating for our back porch! 

Total cost...Chairs=$15, Fabric=$7, pride in doing it myself = $ priceless!  Each chair cost me roughly $11.

Roll Tide!  I'm going outside to watch the Pre-Game show!

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