Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rob's First Day of Preschool

I can't believe it!  My heart is so heavy with bittersweetly swelling pride!  On Wednesday, September 1st my little boy started school!  He is an official 4-K student at Prince of Peace Catholic School.  He goes from 8 AM until 1 PM Monday through Friday!  We have the most fabulous teacher, Ms. Tania, about whom Rob thinks the world!  He adores her already!

That being said, I am a terrible mother!  I didn't take one single picture of Rob at Meet-The-Teacher day.  I was so busy watching him taking in the room and his new environment.  He and Ms. Tania held hands as she led him around each station and center and circle.

Nevertheless, here is my big boy the next morning:
He was beaming with excitement.  Before I had his shoes on properly he was already walking around the house with "C'mon" and "Let's not be late!"  But wait, son, just one more picture of my big boy (who is still proudly celebrating the fact that he turned 4).
I did not get to walk him into his classroom.  Heartache!  The POP theory states that children who are escorted by the Faculty/Staff from their parents' car have less separation anxiety...didn't help my anxiety!  One more picture while we're sitting in carpool line, please.
Okay, clearly Rob is not nervous...well maybe nervous excitement.  The day flew by for me!  I got nothing accomplished as I thought I would have done.  Soon it was time to pick up my big boy.  Here he comes and he is being escorted back to me by none other than the Fabulous Ms. Tania! 
At the end of the day, Rob was so very sleepy.  He didn't fill my heart and ears with the day's details like I thought he would have done.  Eventually through the week (we only went W-F the 1st week) he told me about his accomplishments of not talking on his towel (during rest time), how Ms. Tania shot a basketball through the hoop in the gym, how the line leader gets to lead everyone out of the classroom to the playground, etc., how the helping hand gets to wipe the tables after lunch, and how there are 2 Ryans in his classroom.  Ryan B. is a boy and Ryan C. is a girl -- his girlfriend! 

See you tomorrow, Prince of Peace!

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