Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Miles and Rob

Okay, this post is waaaay late, but I just wanted to record the memories in bloggerland for all eternity.  Rob and Miles are not only great buddies, they are also cousins who have birthdays one week apart...8 days to be exact.  Which is quite the coincidence since Miles' mommy and I have birthdays 8 days apart, too!  Doncha just love fate?  Slight difference, Miles is 2 yrs (minus 8 days) older than Rob.
On Aug 28th, Rob turned 4.  We had a backyard bash for him. First up, sack races.  I should take the time to mention that none of the kids knew about these sad!  It was great to watch them "get back to the basics" of fun.
I'm not sure you can tell from these pictures, but it started raining.  Didn't slow the kids down any.  It seems to rain every single year on Rob's birthday.  Last year was the only year we planned an indoors party and guess what: no rain!
I don't have pictures of all the festivities -- I was taking on the roll of party director.  However, we also played a rainy-day version of a cake walk which Mikayla Markham won.  Everyone clapped when she won which caused her to cry (she's a little bashful).  We also played a football version of Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey.  Again, kids know nothing about these games anymore.  Miles looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned the original game's name.  Then there was this:
What is it about kids loving to whack a cardboard candy-filled party decoration?
 Time for cake!
Though it was not the party theme, Rob again picked a pirate cake.  Wal-Mart in Alabaster, AL did a fantabulous job with the decorations!  And the cake tasted good, too!  I wish I had ordered a larger one for some leftovers!
The next weekend was Miles' party.  We went to a local, very nice, park.  Guess what?  No rain!  It was great weather and actually a little cooler than the past few days.
Miles had a mixture of cake and cupcakes.  It was delicious, too.  You can tell how much the kiddos loved the sweet confections:
Caroline wants a bite of cake:
It had been a long week.  This party followed Rob's first week of Pre-School.  He was adjusting to a totally new daily schedule, bedtime routine, etc.  So one of the funniest parts of Miles' birthday party was our car ride home.  Enjoy this video, people.  And I'll see you next time!

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