Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remember Me? -- iPhone Photo Dump

Okay, I'm due to apologize to you all for my disappearing act. I promise, I truly love having my blog. When I'm in the mood to write, I want to write. When I want to capture some memories, I turn to my blog. But as I'm kinda just starting out, I haven't come up with a "groove" and a "schedule" yet.
In October I attempted to write everyday for 31 Days. My topic being how to strengthen your marriage really worked on my own household. The hubs and I were feeling so strong and secure, that we became extremely busy. Blogging did not happen. So here's a li'l recap of the last month to get you up-to-date. And then I'll try to get in touch with those of you who are about to file a missing persons report on me, I promise!
I became a brunette in October!
I traveled with my Dad and my Aunt to Austin, TX for a beautiful wedding.

 My mom's job a.k.a. my job has kept us quite busy this month with 5 conferences, 2 of which were out of town and the rest that required a good bit of back-and-forth traveling.

L-R Rob, Whitney and siblings Alex and Anna went to the zoo to see the new baby lion cubs.  Man, they were so cute and cuddly!
Whitney and Caroline, who's wearing a momma-made Halloween pinafore.  Go me!
Caroline -- who also suffered a chest cold and ear infection this month -- helped me do some fall baking.  We made this recipe found on Pinterest, another new obsession of mine.
Halloween 2011 came and went.  It was fun to trick-or-treat for the 2nd year in a row with our cousin / nephew Josh!  Rob was Iron Man and Caroline was a pink cowgirl.
All this candy is for me?  Just for being cute?
Mommy, should I be more scared of this killer (live) snake or my Uncle Jason's Auburn shirt?

Football season is in full swing. I mean big, make-or-break games that unfortunately, are trying to break us. I got the chance to meet and have a great conversation with AJ McCarron's dad--that'd be Bama's starting QB for all you non-Bammers.  This was taken before the LSU game, hence the smiles!
Our living room is undergoing a major renovation.  So big, that I'll save it, too, for another post, but just know that it's huge!  And last but hardly the least...

Rob is sick.  He started out with the crud and a pretty heavy ear infection.  Just when he was well, he got Strep throat!  Yucky.  Well now he's on a pretty strong antibiotic that is also making him feel yucky. The photo above is when he actually fell asleep in the Dr's office.  Bless his heart!
Here's hoping I can finally sleep restfully again and get back to a routine.  It's been so very crazy in the Morris home for the past few weeks! 

More updates will come!

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