Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet Our Newest Morris: Pt 2

So, the other day Sami left her nest for a few minutes.  I took advantage of her absence to crawl up there and see exactly what she was guarding...Here's what I saw:
Okay, then I needed a better look:
Well, I'll be!  There ARE eggs, after all!
As I was climbing down, I noticed this (left) on the other front porch column which was later occupied by some new kind of bird (right):
Whatever kind of bird that is has allies.  I have recently been living out my own version of Hitchcock's The Birds...they will swarm you and dive for your head.  Sami just stoically sits there watching it all unfold as if to say "there goes the neighborhood."

Not to be outdone by the birds, Rob decided we needed yet another addition to the Morris household...
Rob decided his name is "Goldie".  Do not adjust your computer screens; this is a red Betta fish.  He is not gold.  I think Rob believed he was getting a goldfish.  He and his Nona went to the pet hotel (PetSmart) and brought Goldie home.  Rob asks me every 5 minutes if Goldie is tired of swimming yet.  He also asked what we would do if Goldie died.  Well, Goldie would then get to go to Heaven and be a fish angel, but if we take care of him, that won't happen for a ling time.

Lastly, Rob said "I've wanted a pet fish for my whole life!"

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