Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet our newest Morris...

I love my front porch! And it is only getting better thanks to our sluggish-but-steady landscaping efforts. I also love my creeping jasmine which has finally summitted my front porch columns. For years there have been birds' nests atop each column. If you would open the front door quickly on any given morning, you would hear startled wings flapping away. However, this weekend was different. Picture it, Sicily, 1938...oops, the Golden Girls are on TV in the background. Okay. Picture this:

Sunday Rob and Caroline had a great time visiting with Nona, Mee-Maw, and Granddaddy. We were all saying our goodbyes on the front porch when Granddaddy was the first to notice her/him:I don't know, do males or females sit on the nests? This little lady (I'm assuming) was not moving. She locked eyes (okay, one eye) with us and froze up. I even put her through quite the photo shoot and she stoically sat. Who knows how many eggs she is incubating. Rob is so excited. He wanted to make sure--by asking no less than 50 times--that she was still there. I asked him what we should name our newest family member and he promptly replied "Sammy." Well, what if it's a girl? He reminded me that "Sami can be for girls, too."Welcome to Baronne Street, Sami. We can't wait to see what other surprises you have in store for us. Oh, and don't worry about our neighbors' cat. We'll protect you from the nosy feline:

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