Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh No He Di'n't...

...but oh yes, he did! Look, I think my husband is so handsome. Perhaps it's the simple knowledge that he's my soulmate, but I just am totally absorbed by his "look". Not in the Matthew McConaughey Dolce & Gabbana ad sort of way, but more in the Eric Clapton "Just The Way You Look Tonight" sort of way.

So it was much to my chagrin that last night while I was enjoying Relay For Life of Hoover with some friends, he went to BFF Matt's house and did the following. Oh and for the millionth time, he did not ask for my permission and would not have cared if I said don't do it. Quit asking me "Why did you let him do this?"

Here are some Before and After shots for you to enjoy. Or to gasp at. Whatever...

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