Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's Fun in the Tuscaloosa Sun

Thank you, Aunt LarJean!  We really enjoyed our Tuesday.  In a change of pace, Caroline was the one to be dropped off at Miss Beth's house this morning.  Rob and Mommy had a play date in Tuscaloosa hanging out at Laura's apartment complex pool.
Rob had so much fun!  He kept telling Laura "thank you so much for inviting us to your pool."  But I must say, the highlight of the day was when, out of the blue, he looked at Laura and me and said "Surf's up, kids, surf's up!"  We laughed so hard at that!!!
No trip to Tuscaloosa would be complete without some 'Bama action, so we also went to check out the progress on the South endzone expansion.  It is absolutely beautiful!  There are some real architectural details being used here!  See for yourself:
Well, that was so much fun, but now it's time to go home.  Rob, get your towel...(PS: he got some laughs for the serious monster growls he was doing, too)

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