Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Baby Superstore Moves to Town...

So, I went to Buy Buy Baby today. In case you haven't heard, it's the newest baby superstore in Birmingham. It's in the old Circuit City location at Patton Creek, adjacent to the Riverchase Galleria. It's nickname shall be Bye Bye Babies R Us...

Oh yeah! In a metro area which has 5 Targets, 50+ Wal-Marts, several big-name department stores, etc, I never understood why there was only 1 Babies R Us. Seriously, I spent actual time on this perplexity. You would think Babies R Us would have everything a mother ever wanted, being the only specialty store for 100 miles or more...not so, my friend. As is usually the case in corporate monopoly, BRU took for granted the fact that we the consumer shopped there simply out of necessity, rather than out of desire. Their staff became very lethargic; their merchandise became very sparse; their store, despite a recent remodle, became very antiquated.

I only spent $7.43 today on some Dr. Brown's bottles replacement parts -- did you know they melt in the dishwasher if they fall down and land on the heating coil? Astonishing. But I could easily have spent $74.30 or more...there are great name brands including many organic items, lovely sales people wh0 know where everything is located despite only having been open for about 4 weeks, and they take Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons!!! Who doesn't get a royal-blue postcard in the mail for 20% every once in a while? Love it.

Bye Bye, Babies R Us. Wish I could say I will miss you...but I try very hard not to lie anymore!

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